Welcome to Dr. Ed's Place

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Why I'm Here

I am a motivator of people. I like to ignite that spark of potential deposited within each of us by our Creator. I want to build a community that probes the depths of the soul and cultivates the untapped resources of the human spirit. Let’s explore life together by bringing to the forefront our gifts, talents and abilities. I challenge you to walk in your destiny and to be all God created you to be. Look deeper and achieve greater.  This is a place for communication of all points of views; it is a no judgement zone!

Why you should join?

We realize we must talk to each other to change things.  We must begin to shift our thinking to see and understand one another.  Let’s connect and explore!

A big thanks to all who have joined this community!  Building on the premise that we are better together than we are alone we will become stronger, wiser and will build a solid identity of self, family and community.